Welcome to Qcase

Queensland Chinese Association of Scientists and Engineers (QCASE) Inc is a non-profit professional association for the advancement of Chinese scientists and engineers in Queensland. It is founded by a group of representative scientific and engineering Chinese professions from universities, educational institutions, research organizations, high-tech companies, and governments in Queensland. The Association was incorporated on 25 July 2002 and it has more than 100 members now. They include tens of professors, one ARC Federation Fellow, three Faculty Dean, eight Head of institutes and one Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor of UQ (Prof. Max LU).

The objectives of QCASE are:

  • to encourage contributions to the advancement of science and technology. —  to advocate exchange and collaboration between Australia and China in science, technology and education.
  • to foster friendship and collaboration among Australian Chinese Scientists and Engineers.
  • to promote friendship and cooperation with other national and international societies.
  • to facilitate members integration into Australian culture and society.